It’s raining heavily today

It’s raining heavily today. A man gets used to the relatively great weather of the Mediterranean and gets soft. The rain fell like acid the first time we had a big shower here. Now it’s just becoming rain.

I hope it eases up for next weekend with the session planned. Logistics can be an arse when planning a session but once it gets underway the sport leads the way. As long as none of us end up accidentally kissing transvestites all is good or perhaps getting an injury all is good.

To start in Nice or go to Cannes or firstly Antibes or MonteCarlo?

We’ve all heard stories of people going out drinking and waking up in a different country. Luckily that time when when myself, James and a mate of his were on the raki in Istanbul and decided to keep the night going that I was passportless.

A downside of decorating the interior of a dolmus is ending up dumped on the street in a pretty lawless area.

I wanted the slow train to Iran but we met in the middle and got the bus to close to the Greek border to Edirne. The home of Turkish wrestling and Selimiye Mosque, arriving there sleepless with a hangover setting in it’s hard to appreciate much. The focus of the trip when in Edirne was food, egg based to be more precise and only some drink. The second last refuge of the drunk man.


Antibes – A November’s evening

Late Autumn has come overnight. Leaves scatter the streets now.

Antibes is a tourist and yacht port town. The biggest yacht port in Europe draws in all the ones seeking the sea and regular escape from land working upon the craft of the rich. The tourists are drawn to the great weather and the lustre which the name the French Riviera has affected for over 100 years.

A Cat in Antibes
The cobbled narrow streets of the old town add some charm. What I find the most magically is the sea, the ancient hotbed of the western life. The Mediterranean seems so calm at times you could never imagine a storm but on the stormy nights it reminds me of swelling Atlantic evenings.