Things seem like they change

Walking by the sea the gentle slip slop of the sea against the town ramparts. Time goes on, (time passes) yet it all seems like it was only a short time ago. The cycle of life, begins, is and starts again. A fine line to what is what and which is which.

Consciousness and reality

What is consciousness? Is this our reality? Or is it something external?

All these questions which we can either try to answer or not think about them. We are born and we die. Either side of this is the great unknown. But really all that is part of the whole.

My stomach is dodge, either it was the porridge I had this afternoon or the week old beef. I reckon it could be the beef though you can never be sure if you’re not used to the porridge.

The rain, outside it rains, the pub calls on this Saturday evening, the music of youtube keeps the tempo even, perhaps it’s not better to have the high energy music before heading out, cause a person to peak too early and not with others.

US inauguration 2017

After a few months of people claiming they will leave the US, complaining about their fellow citizens in the US and complaining about the US from outside the US, Donald Trump has signed the contact.

My life hasn’t changed so much since this election. Listening to people I thought zombies would be walking the Earth now. Luckily all these predictions are wrong!

As humans we make the present seem so much more important than yesterday or tomorrow. It’s a little like perspective. Up close to something makes it seem bigger and imposing casting a great shadow over all in its vicinity.

The evolution of a website

Every hour the idea of the site seems to change, it’s becoming more like a business as opposed to something ‘free’. I’m slightly against free apps and websites offering great value. People, and often myself included, expect other people to put in 100s of hours into something and then give it away for free. In the offline world that would never happen but the way the online world has evolved the method of making money has changed to the traditional way.

In the future this will change again, there will be an evolution of profiteering. If people produce useful content they should be paid and then there would be no need for ads and the likes. The feeding frenzy of the capitalist model.

Initial steps in creating a website

The motivation is high this week for making a website. It can ebb and flow.

Teaching English was the original plan but after a day or 2 it would be better to have it for all languages. Make it scalable.

Getting bogged down on a name isn’t the best idea in the world but I suppose everyone wants their own baby to have a good name to at least not impact their way in the world. After a whole evening thinking of names, researching on Google, checking the etymology of words and seeing if the names were taken all came to nothing. Sometimes it’s better to research a bit and then forget about it and quite often in the next couple of days an idea will come.

This idea did come 2 days later, a name came into my mind and then over a drink that night the connection between a previous idea and this new idea were all connected together.

A site not just for languages but for all subjects and to keep consistent with my beliefs it should be free to use though it needs to be monetized.

I won’t mention the name until I actually buy the domain name! Looking up the names I saw one I was going to buy before for 1 euro for sale for 4000 euro.

Now armed with copybooks the lesson plans were started during the week. A copybook for each level, though I should be doing all of this online

Also how to make videos. I like the ones were the teacher writes on the screen.

The tiredness of work

The tiredness of a days work, the best part of our lives can be spent at work. We need the money to survive. Perhaps in times old, the division between work and leisure wasn’t so much.

The New Year

After spending New Year’s in Edinburgh at Hogmanay I’m back into the routine again. The tiredness of the holidays takes a few days to quench. Bad night’s sleep seems to be the order of the day as the body and mind fight against the raging routine.

A first jog, It feels like a reboot, just better not fall asleep on the couch at 9pm until midnight and then the busy mind and the too warm bed keeping me awake until close to 4am. I’m getting really tired now at 9.30pm but I must not go into my room!